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Here, you will find examples of my on-site event calligraphy and hand engravings in the Midlands and North West.

Working from my studio near Leicester, in the Midlands, I offer services including personalised gifts, calligraphy commissions, envelope addressing and hand-lettered gift and place cards.

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Services also include beautifully hand lettered place cards and envelope addressing adding luxury to your event or celebration, as well as personalised gifts and calligraphy commissions.  

I provide calligraphy workshops, bespoke workshops for your event or workplace and smaller sessions for groups of adults or children.

Please do get in touch to learn more.

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Everyone loves seeing their name written beautifully, so look no further! Whether it is calligraphy on an envelope to set the tone ahead of your event, or your guests' names on place cards that can also be kept as keepsakes, items can be given the personal touch as a reminder of the occasion. 

Having custom live calligraphy or engraving adds a little extra drama to your event, especially when guests can see or take pictures of their own names being personalised.


Get in touch and I can help plan or provide services to match your theme.

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Live Calligraphy Brand Activations

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live events Safira Ali 5.jpg
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live events Safira Ali 20.jpg
live events Safira Ali 12.jpg
live events Safira Ali 8.jpg
live events Safira Ali 4.jpg
live events Safira Ali 14.jpg
live events Safira Ali 16.jpg

Engraving Brand Events

Dior Noelle.jpg
ronnie sauvage.jpg
mum engraving.jpg
Mariya lipstick.jpg
Us always.jpg
Mum CT.jpg
lip glosses engraving.jpg
mum engraving.jpg
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Mum Givenchy.jpg
Me lover.jpg
Best Mum.jpg
Love Yahya.jpg
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Clients & collaborations

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